30 Minutes Exercise

30 Minutes Exercise

30 minutes exercise, We perform various activities in our daily routine. These activities include our job, business, shopkeeping, laborer etc. everyone performing activities according to their ability and status. Suppose a rich man does very few activities and a labor person performs every activity as a profession. Similarly an office man does a low level of activity and a field man performs hard activity. But some people do not perform any type of activity but live only at home such as our parents, old persomes, women, patients, childerns. So they must need activities for their health. 

Such as exercise, gardening, jogging, walking etc. We all perform these activities for an easy living and making different types of facilities for us. So that we live joyfully, relax and enjoy life. But here is a question, Is we can spend our life with joy without a healthy life. I am sure everyone agrees with me and says it is not possible, we could not enjoy our life without health.

The second question, Is our these types of activities make possible a perfect health, are these activities enough for our healthy life. Maybe some persones disagree with me but we could not make possible a healthy life  only with our routine activities. We must do something extra to maintain and gain a healthy life. Here is a very famous activity which we can perform for a healthy life and health. That is exercise.

What defines exercise:

I am a big advocate of daily exercise and are for years. I make some time for exercise on a daily basis, even once I am busy or not, because I feel it is that important very much. Frequently, I ask some patients about exercise, what exercise is special in your life or health. 

They reply, we are very happy, relaxed and not feeling tens, They also feel they fit into their lives. Some believe yard work at home , house cleaning with water or walking the dog is exercise.

 While I do feel that being active in any way is better than being sedentary, I don’t feel these activities qualify as medically recommended exercise. 

What is exercise and 30 minutes exercise:

Exercise is physical activity that is planned, structured and repetitive for the aim of conditioning any a part of the body wont to improve health and maintain fitness. Generally you’re employed up a sweat, breath heavy and increase your pulse during exercise.

Secondly: Exercise is physical activity that enhances health and fitness. The term exercise encompasses healthful activities from the gentle, like walking or lifting light dumbbells, to the strenuous, like marathon running, speed swimming, or martial arts training. 

There are an excellent sort of exercises, and that they convey many health benefits, including: weight control, prevention of disease (cardiovascular diseases, type 2 diabetes, and even some cancers, for example), improving strength and adaptability , increasing endurance, aiding bone health, improving mood, and helping to increase life. People have used regular exercise for thousands of years to enhance health.

30 Minutes Exercise

Benefit of 30 minutes exercise:

Exercise improves muscle strength:

Staying active keeps muscles strong and joints, tendons and ligaments flexible, allowing you to maneuver more easily and avoid injury. Strong muscles reduce the risk of joint and lower back pain by making joints in proper alignment and placement. They also improve balance and coordination.

Exercise increases energy levels:

Exercise improves both the strength and therefore the efficiency of your circulatory system to urge the oxygen and nutrients to your muscles. When your circulatory system works better everything seems easier and you’ve got more energy for the fun stuff in life.

Exercise improves brain function:

Exercise increases blood flow and oxygen levels within the brain. It also encourages the discharge of the brain chemicals (hormones) that are liable for the assembly of cells within the hippocampus, the part of the brain that controls memory and learning. This, in turn, boosts concentration levels and cognitive ability, and helps reduce the danger of cognitive degenerative diseases.

Exercise can assist you to take care of a healthy weight.

There is a perfect quote that says the more you exercise,  the more calories you can burn. Additionally , the more muscle you develop, the upper your rate becomes, so you burn more calories even when you’re not exercising. The result? you’ll reduce and appearance better physically which can boost your self-esteem.

30 minutes exercise:

There are various kinds of exercise, some we can do at home, some not, some can do without an instructor but some not, some need equipment but some no. So we discuss exercises which we can manage at home.

Warm up for 30 Minutes Exercise:

First of all we need to warpup body by 3 minutes up and down walking on the stairs.

Push ups for 30 Minutes Exercise:

Start from push ups for 1 minutes. 

Spread your both hand and wide your arms then grip/put on the surface. Place your feet toes on the surface and lift the whole body on hands and feet toes. Now pull down your whole body and pull up your whole body with the strength of arms. Be careful, your whole body moves but up and down will be only the upper portion of the body.

Jogging for 30 Minutes Exercise:

30 Minutes Exercise

We have to go jogging in our house. Select any place inside the house which will be free and could be there. Jogging will be at least 20 minutes. At the start we have to walk slow. 

But after that increase the speed slowly until the end we almost speed as like running but jogging will not equal to run. Basically this exercise is not only for adults, this is also for old people so that running will not be possible for those.

Forward Lunge for 30 Minutes Exercise:

Do this exercise for 6 minutes. Basically it is

  1. Stand tall on feet hip width apart. Place hands on hips or grip weight by side to start.
  2. Take a controlled step forward with the help of your right leg. Keeping the spine tall, lower body until the front & back leg form a 90 degree angle.
  3. Pause, then step right leg back to start and Step left leg forward to repeat on the other side.

This is very light and home exercise. We must manage out 30 min for exercise so that we live healthy.


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