are Eyelash Extensions Safe

are Eyelash Extensions Safe

are eyelash extensions safe, eyelashes are a part of the eye which God created very perfectly but some time we need some extra look with our eyelash and want to look outstanding personality.there is like long and bend eyelash like in every culture and area. Mostly beauticians making and recommending that type of eyelash to women. But here is a question: our normal eyelash is not enough for our beauty or beauticians could not manage normal eyelash and avoid eyelash extension. 

What is the meaning of eye lashes:

Actually, according to research when we look at any man or woman, tha part of the face which we look at first is eye, we interact with anyone with eye to eye so there are very famous quotes. The first impression is your last impression. So we try to best everyone look at us and start with beauty and feel beautiful eyes.

Other words, we interact with each other with eye to eye contact, so it means the most focusing or concentrated part of our face is eye. If our eye will look like a beautiful eye, we look beautiful and the other person accepts our beauty.

are Eyelash Extensions Safe
Eye Lashes, are Eyelash Extensions Safe

 It is a similar theory as we all are doing makeup on the face not on hand or foot or other part of the body. We makeup the face because it is part of the body which feels and looks during interaction between two or more than two persons.

What is an eyelash for are Eyelash Extensions Safe:

The eyelash is a set of hair that grows at exactly our top or bottom eyelid. These eyelash extension as artificial lashes. Try batting or fluttering our eyelashes to gain  public attention. You will either gain what we want or look beautiful or want both characteristics. Some person have long and eyelashes which little curved and mostly people have small size of eyelash which is not comparatively beautiful that long eyelash. Eyelash extensions don’t just classify our look, but also our makeup routine and saving time in the morning and giving you smudge free confidence. 

Here is a question: what should you look like  when you go to a lash studio? After all, the lash stylist is touching our eyes for at least an hour. So to avoid any eye injury or infection. It is important to make sure that you are working with a licensed professional.

How do eyelashes grow:

Eyelashes are small in size, these are normally dark and curved and also have plenty of length. Lush eyelashes are considered more attractive on everyone’s eyes for male or female. The connection of our blinking eyelids and the fringe of eyelashes helps to stay small objects out of our eyes. Eyelashes are sensitive, so our eyes will shut softly when some objects come too close with them.

The role of the eyelashes for context are Eyelash Extensions Safe:

These beautiful hairs grow at the eyelid performing different types of  functions. Although they are usually regarded as a focus of beauty, its primary purpose is to protect the eyes from small objects such as dust, sand, flam, gases or debris which wants to enter the eyes and make problems for the health of the eye.

The secondary function is to transform a danger warning. It is very sensitive to touch and they provide warning indications to us that a kind of  object may be too close to the eye and if we do not do something that enters the eyes. 

We close eyes in response to warning indications by eyelash. In this context, they also  perform a function that is similar whiskers on many animals such as cats and dogs. So, you can think of the eyelashes as the perfect gatekeeper of our eye.

How do eyelashes grow or Do eyelashes grow back if cut?

The eyelashes of the embryo grow between the 22nd and 26th week of pregnancy in the belly of the mother. After they are born, they can grow back around 7 to 8 weeks if they are pulled out.

At what age do eyelashes stop growing:

Normally our whole life our eyelashes break and reproduce but at the age of 50, after that they are going to stop reproducing our eyelashes.

are eyelash extensions safe:

How Eyelash Extensions Are Applied for are Eyelash Extensions Safe:

You do not need a special certificate to apply eyelash extensions on eyelash, but it does not mean this application process is very simple and easy to perform. In fact, it requires  a professional skill, and due to the precision needed to place anyone’s lashes.

What are the risks of eyelash extensions about are Eyelash Extensions Safe:

We are not 100 % against extensions, but we should not apply them for months on end without a break. You can not use dry glue, ripping it off in between the lashes, to apply new advance glue and over and over. A famous eyelash expert knob asSebastian says. I am frustrated with the beauty department because we push sales without thinking about the health of the face and the natural beauty of a woman.

So, Eyelash extensions attach with our natural eyelashes, usually every four to eight weeks. After that week, half of the extensions will have fallen or gone, some individuals are sensitive to the glue used to apply the extensions. So the extensions themselves, and may lose lashes at a faster rate.

It means eyelash extensions are not as much as helpful as they are harmful.

are Eyelash Extensions Safe2
Eyelash Extension, are Eyelash Extensions Safe

Eyelash Extension side Effects and are Eyelash Extensions Safe:

  • First drawback to to damage the natural eyelashes
  • Secondly Infection of the cornea on the eyelash place.
  • 3rd Infection of the eyelid of eyes
  • 4th Swollen eyelids
  • 5th Temporary or permanent loss of natural eyelashes

In this context I remember a personality who came on a TV show in the evening with black sunglasses. On being asked by the host she replied their eyes swelled due to eyelash extensions that’s why she was forced to wear glasses this time. So eyelashes are not claiming about eyelash extension goodness

Safety Measures:

Before applying the eyelash extension check the skill or professionalism of the salon.

Check the salon to fulfill the medical safety policies, like necessary measures against bacteria, girms.

Use Sterilized instruments.

Avoid adhesives and similar items which are difficult to remove.

If you dislike installed extensions, do not remove them itself but contact the salon.

Do not wet eyes with similar liquids which are used to remove the eyelash extensions.


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