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Best way to Sanitize Tweezers

Best way to Sanitize Tweezers, Every profession in the world needs some specific tools. These tools are manufactured according to its use and also as per profession. Some tools do not need any special attention but some tools need very special attention. Suppose every surgical tool needs very special attention. Similarly there are various tools in the beauty profession which need very special attention. Some tools need to be cleaned but some tools need extraordinary activities such as sanitize them or kill bacteria and other viral viruses.

best way to sanitize tweezers

It’s important to guard yourself, that you simply wear PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) like gloves while completing any sterilisation of your tools. 

Step # 1 for Best way to Sanitize Tweezers:

After removing any glue from the tweezers, get some warm water and blend in some detergent (the same amount/concentration you’d use for your dishes). Warm water is vital as against hot or cold water, for decent or cold water may cause particles of bacteria to stay in the tweezers.

Give the tweezers an honest scrub everywhere together with your scrub brush or pad to get rid of any particles. The detergent with warm water step is vital because (without getting too scientific) bacteria, virus etc have a layer of fat around them to ‘protect’ them, so so as to kill an epidemic , bacteria etc you would like to interrupt down that layer of fat first which is best through with warm water and detergent. (Detergent is specifically designed to interrupt down fat. Normal soaps aren’t , which is that the main difference between ‘soap’ and ‘detergent’.)

Step # 2:

Rinse them under warm water to get rid of the detergent.

Step #3:

Allow them to air dry or dry them with a clean lint-free cloth

Step #4:

Once dry, submerge the tweezer in isopropanol for a minimum of 30minutes. Dry with a clean disposable cloth/tissue. If you employ another type disinfectant (which is additionally totally fine) like PinoClean or Barbicide it’s important to follow the rules and directions for that specific disinfectant. Each disinfectant will have different times for its effectiveness. 

Step #5:

Remove tweezers from disinfectant and permit air dry only. 


A note on the isopropanol ; you ought to only use 100% isopropyl alcohol and not dilute it with water. Watering it down can make your tweezers rust/tarnish … which isn’t what you would like to happen to your favourite pair.



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