black and gold nails

Black and Gold Nails

black and gold nails, We have various parts in our body, some are internal parts and some are internal parts. But various parts of the body never need to do something for their beauty.

 Suppose we do not have to need makeup of our belly or we can not make up of our heart or liver. So very few parts of the body which needs their care in context of beauty. 

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There are some parts of the body which we need to make up for to look beautiful such as a very important part of our beauty is our face, secondly our neck, our body shape, hand, feets. 

It is not possible to look beautiful but we have to concentrate on such things properly and in time doing some practices.

Human Nail and Black and Gold Nails:

In very simple words, it is a kind of bone which has a very hard surface so we can not apply the same product which we are applying on our face. Because our face skin is sensitive and we use those products which are easy and softly removed from the face.

 horny  structured plate that grows in the back of each finger and feet toe at its outsider end. It is similar to the hoof, claw or talon of other vertebrates.

 The nail is a plate-like structured and also translucent, keratinous structure that contains highly specialized epithelial cells. The nail grows from a deep channel in the dermis of our finger or toe skin. 

All nails grow at the nail’s base, where the dead cells that make up the nail’s plate grow nails. These cells are pushed forward or outward and  new cells produce behind them. The cells at the outer edge of the nail go to die and turn white because they lose contact with the nail bed, the part of the nail we need to cut. 

Black and Gold Nails

What is the function of the human nail:

The nail’s actual function is to secure the terminal part of the toes and fingers nails.

How to made Nails:

Keratin is a kind of protein that makes cells that produce the tissue in nails and other parts of our body. Keratin plays a useful role in nail health and development. It provides protection to  nails from damage by making them strong.

Human nails are dead or living part:

Basically every part of the body is alive until our life but some parts of the body made by dead cells and some made by breakup of cells and some made by new cells. So Nails start growing in our skin. When new cells grow, they push out old cells through our skin. The part you can see contains dead cells. That’s why we don’t feel pain when you cut your nails.

How much grow nail:

Every part of the body grows with the passage of time such as hair which grows and we have to cut on a regular basis. Similarly nails also grew which needed to be cut on a regular basis. An experimental study about nail growing, that is finger nail grows 3.5mm in a month and feet toe nail grows 1.5mm in a month.

Nail Colors:

According to the general method of any treatment. We must have some symptoms about the concerned disease such as flu. We face fever, nose blockage, headache etc. whenever these symptoms occur, possibly and we consider we suffered from flu. Similarly our nail color changes having some indication about our health. Such as whenever we find a spot in our nail it means our calcium level is going to low. Instantly increase the lever of calcium rich food for balancing the calcium and avoid drawback or low level calcium. Normally our bones suffer from low calcium levels.

Nail Beauty and black and gold nails:

Our face needs makeup for our face beauty with various types of products such as face powder, makara, eye shades, lipstick etc.Similarly we have to makeup our nails with different types of products such as nail polish.

As like our face makeup styles or different ways of face makeup. We also can make nails in different ways or styles.

Nail polis and black and gold nails:

It is a product in different colors applied on the surface of the nail. It gives him a different and stylish look and causes the beauty of our hands and feets.

black and gold nails:

Black and gold nails is the type of nail beauty with the help of different products.

  • Artificial Nails
  • Nail Polish
  • Maskara

Normally we use artificial nails which join the natural nails and apply nail polish with different styles but it is a condition to use only black and gold nail polish. Some examples are as following:

Black and Gold Nails
Black and Gold Nails
Black and Gold Nails2
Black and Gold Nails

Must do with Nails:

  • Must wear rubber gloves if your hands usually spend a lot of time in water or you routinely wash products.
  • Wash and clean nails with a soft nail brush
  • Applying hand cream to hand for nails and fingertips
  • Cut your nails regularly.

Do not do with Nails:

  • do not cut your nails including the edges
  • do not clean a nail with a sharp object.
  • do not use shoes that pinch feet toes
  • Carefully check fungal infections along the nails


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