Parts of the Body and their Functions

Parts of the Body and their Functions

Parts of the Body and their Functions, This body of human consist of a number of different parts and contain a lot of different things. Generally we discuss parts of body or system of body but each part and system have a some of other parts, systems or portions. “Read the whole article till the … Read more

Bodybuilding Diet

bodybuilding diet

bodybuilding diet, The physical activities culture of muscle and bodybuilding has attracted followers for various years. Well before the start of competitive bodybuilding `which we all know it today. Followers of the iron game will know that bodybuilding in its popular form began in earnest within the 1890s with the arrival of Mr. Eugene Sandow, … Read more

Human Body Definition

Hair Types Men

The Human Body Definition,This universe is very big and God created a lot of creatures in this universe. Every thing in the world have a specific type of body.  Suppose a car also has a body which contains or linked each part of the body such as tyres, engine, seats, lights, doors etc. Basically each … Read more

The Human Body Definition

Muscle of body

The human body definition, Basically we just assume that this universe is covered with a body and that body consists of different parts of that body like stars, planets, moon, sun or other systems.  All these body parts perform their role efficiently. Similarly everything in the universe has a body which consists of various parts … Read more

Bones of a Body


Bones of a Body,any of the particles of hard whitish tissue cause the skeleton in humans and other vertebrates. bones of a body is an organ that constitutes part of the skeleton in animals. It protect the different organs of the body which produce white and red blood cells, store minerals and provide structure, support … Read more

Broken Finger

broken finger

Broken Finger, Our fingers consist of bones which called as phalanges. Each finger consists of three phalanges but the thumb is not includ in them. Because thum has two phalanges. A broken finger happens when one or more bones breaks into pieces or just cracks. A finger break is usually the cause of an injury … Read more

Organ of the Body

Organ of the body

An organ is a part of our body that performs a special function so that our body performs better like your brain, heart, lungs, or skin. Might not use the word organ often, but you use organs frequently. For example there is no life without body organ heart for 5 min. Organ of the Body … Read more

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