What is Disease

what is disease

what is disease, In simple words disease is an sickness or illness classified by specific symptoms and signs. But it’s very interesting that some experts suggest that basically diseases caused by bacteria or infections, seemingly dismissing psychological and non-communicable conditions as diseases, which is odd as long as non-communicable diseases like disorder and cancer, structure … Read more

Diseases Caused by Bacteria

Diseases Caused by Bacteria

Diseases Caused by Bacteria, there are a lot of creatures in the world who live in their assigned living style and perform their operation. Suppose human beings have a body and different parts of the body. Some parts or internal and some are external. They have a special ability of feeling, thinking, understanding and converting … Read more

what is the difference between “quarantine” and “isolation

What Is The Difference Between Quarantine And Isolation

What Is The Difference Between Quarantine And Isolation, Quarantine could even be a thought developed by society to guard against the outbreak of contagious diseases. From its original application within the favorable context of Medieval Europe. The quarantine concept has driven by three main currents. the primary involves the personification of epidemics.  Although this personification … Read more

Disease Caused by Virus

Disease Caused by Virus

Disease Caused by Virus, The universe is full of creatures and it is various types of each type, various kinds or family. This creature has some specific purpose and they are doing well according to their assigned operation. Some creatures humans discover and some still undiscovered but they exist and could not imagine how harmful … Read more

what Diseases Caused by Smoking

what diseases caused by smoking

What diseases are caused by smoking, from the first day in the universe, the human being is trying to find everythings that God created for them. There are different types of items that human beings have discovered with the passage time.  Human beings did more research over time and changed their discoveries into facilities, just … Read more

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