Vegetable Calories

Vegetable calories

Vegetable calories, A calorie (cal), It is that the amount of Energy (4.1868 joule*) needed to heat 1 gram of pure Water one Kelvin (or 1 degree Celsius) at a pressure of 1 Atmosphere. Thus a Calorie or 1000 calorie (4,868 joule) is that the amount of energy to heat 1 kilogram or 1000 gram … Read more

Disadvantages of Drinking Lemon Water Daily

disadvantages of drinking lemon water daily

Disadvantages of Drinking Lemon Water Daily, Lemon water is understood to everyone as a delicious drink. juice is out there not only in every corner of street but also in restaurants. Nowadays, after knowing the benefits of drinking lemon water, people are preferring it over other drinks. Many people have chosen it as their first … Read more

Does Lemon Juice Go Bad

Does Lemon Juice Go Bad

Does Lemon Juice Go Bad, Basically you almost certainly know that although lemons are often nasty on their own taste. they’re commonplace within the kitchen and sometimes used for cooking and preparing food. But they shouldn’t just be commonplace…they should be important. Why? Because the juice in lemons is just about your body’s grace. Inspect … Read more

what is salad

Vegetable calories

what is salad, Salad may be a popular, ready to eat dish made from heterogeneous ingredients during a wet or once wet base, usually served chilled or at a moderate temperature. Many of us use the word “salad” to explain light, savory greens dishes, most frequently served with a sauce or dressing, but the category … Read more

Food Rich in Fiber

Food Rich in Fiber

Food Rich in Fiber, Our bodies contain tiny building blocks referred to as cells, which are liable for completing various bodily functions. As an example , the cells inside your heart are liable for keeping it beating, also as pumping blood throughout your body. to urge a better check out how cells function, study these … Read more

Fruit Rich in Protein

best fruit to eat

fruit rich in protein, In any machine, with any quiet fuel that we use, the efficacy of the fuel essentially depends on how easily it burns. for instance , the type of gasoline you employ for a daily automobile is different from what you employ during a racer or an airplane due to how easily … Read more

Cucumber and Tomato Salad

Cucumber and Tomato Salad

Cucumber and Tomato Salad: So a salad may be a plate of different type of vegetables?. A side salad is often just veg, but a main course salad would be expected to contain some kind of protein such as meat or cheese, perhaps, or some nice pulses (suitably cooked). And you get pasta salads  “Read … Read more

Tomato Fruit or Vegetable

tomato fruit or vegetable

Tomato fruit or vegetable, There are two commonly accepted definitions. This is the botanical definition about a fruit, that is the part of a plant that bears its seeds. So according to this  definition a tomato is a fruit. But the culinary definition contains other ideas like any sweet plant or part of a plant … Read more

Fruit vs Vegetable

why fruit is good for you

Fruit vs Vegetable, It is so important or sufficient for our life, health and it’s also an entire healthy diet. It contains various elements which are important for our life and health. Some fruits and Vegetables contain some extraordinary components which are far beneficial, sufficient for our life and health which give us strength and … Read more

is Water an Element

is water is element

Is water an element, our food contains a lot of items which we eat for our health and life. These various foods or diets consist of various categories and types such as vegetables, meat, fruit etc and each category consists of various types such as onion, carrot, potato, green chili,radish etc are the type of … Read more

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