is Water Polar or nonPolar

is water polar or nonpolar

is water polar or nonpolar, Water is the basic need of human beings, animals, birds and every creature in the universe. It is the key factor in the health of every creature in the universe. You think you’re pretty solid, but seven tenths of your weight is water. “Read the whole article till the end, … Read more is Water Polar or nonPolar

Why do we sleep

why do we sleep

Why do we sleep, Physical fitness or health does not only depend on being healthy. But being healthy means being emotionally,mentally and physically fit. Being healthy should be a part of your complete lifestyle. Living a healthy lifestyle can help to  prevent chronic diseases and long term illnesses. Good feelings about yourself and taking care … Read more Why do we sleep

For Sleeping Tips

how to sleep instantly

For Sleeping Tips, our body is similar to a machine but this machine is a part of the living product. This machine has different parts and organs. These parts or organs are known as internal parts and external parts. These parts perform their duties day and night without breaking.  “Read the whole article, We hope … Read more For Sleeping Tips

face and body spa

face and body spa

face and body spa,all of us try to best, we look beautiful and we use different type of product and techniques for this. face spa and body spa is also such technique which help to our face and body freshness and beauty. What is Face Spa: The facial spa is a selected, non skin care … Read more face and body spa

How to Sleep Instantly

how to sleep instantly

how to sleep instantly, This universe is very beautiful and also created a lot of things in the universe for human convenience and facility. Humans discover different such facilities with the passage of time and get benefits from those new facilities. “Read the whole article, We hope it was found knowledgeable for you.  Plz Like, … Read more How to Sleep Instantly

Health Tips

what is healthcare

Health Tips,Health is neither a word to describe complete physical, mental, and social well-being and nor is it  the absence of disease or infirmity.In the WHO’s famous constitution,It was provide the vision of to provide a health for all, that beyond the prevailing negative aspect of health depend on an absence of pathology. But no … Read more Health Tips

Sleep Cycle

Baby Acne on Face

Sleep Cycle, We all have a confused notion, what sleep is, but it doesn’t mean that it is easy to define this mysterious part of our lives. After all, detailed observation of our sleep is not really an option, we frequently know that we are sleeping which means we are asleep. Although we observe other … Read more Sleep Cycle

Alcohol’s Effect on the Body


It is very General that alcohol’s effect on the body is very famous. It suffers from different organs in different ways. Our body consist of different type of organ and having different functions which they have to perform but alcohol damaging the body organ partially or heavy damage if we taking too much.Before we discuss … Read more Alcohol’s Effect on the Body

What is Healthcare

what is healthcare

What is Healthcare: Healthcare or Health Care is improvement or maintenance or sustain health for a healthy life through treatments of diseases, diagnoses. Prevention by disease, its curing by disease, overcome illness, injury and different types of physical or mental illness. Other words, People or group of people  help each other for their health if … Read more What is Healthcare

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