Disadvantages of Drinking Lemon Water Daily

Disadvantages of Drinking Lemon Water Daily, Lemon water is understood to everyone as a delicious drink. juice is out there not only in every corner of street but also in restaurants. Nowadays, after knowing the benefits of drinking lemon water, people are preferring it over other drinks. Many people have chosen it as their first drink early in the morning. Many of us wish to drink it early in the morning. However, everyone should know that drinking lemon water has some disadvantages.

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Disadvantages of Drinking Lemon Water Daily:

According to research, once we awaken , our bodies need fuel to detoxify and regenerate our cells. But given the fact that the majority of folks don’t just like the tasteless nature of the water, we discover it tempting to add a couple of drops of lemon to the water.

Besides using flavor in the water, lemon is important in essential nutrients for our bodies. However, we must take care to not overuse lemon water because it is often harmful to our health. During this article, allow us to take a glance at the risks of drinking lemon water daily.

Lemon is extremely helpful and in only a few cases does it harm our bodies. In many cases, these side effects may cause excessive damage to the body.

Disadvantages of Drinking Lemon Water Daily
Disadvantages of Drinking Lemon Water Daily

Drinking Lemon Water Daily May Damage your Teeth:

Lemons contain high levels of acid. Our enamel is often well damaged if it’s taken directly or if the water level is low. If the enamel is broken , our teeth will start to show yellow. In addition , we may have various problems with our gums. consistent with some research, juice can cause cavities .

May Irritate your Stomach:

If we’ve any stomach problems, we should always maintain distance from lemon water. A type of  acid in lemon water may easily aggravate stomach problems. Lemon water can enhance our heartburn problem or nausea.

Harmful to Sunburned Areas:

Some studies have shown that when the sun shines on the juice , the reaction starts. you’ll have this problem while making lemon water. juice can cause sunburn during this area. If there are light black spots on the skin, it is often deep.

Drinking Lemon Water Daily May Effects on Bones:

Lemon juice is employed to urge obviate oil. Similarly it can affect our body. consistent with doctors, this problem is often cured by having extra juice in lemon water. juice removes oil from our bones. afterward we may face bone problems.

The Wound may Increase:

Canker sores that are found on the within of our lips, lemon water can accelerate it. These sores are referred to as ulcers on the face. Research says that acid can make our wounds worse and which may be painful. just in case of wounds, the doctor advises to remain faraway from lemons.

Increase Migraine Pain:

If you’ve got migraine headaches, you’re advised to remain faraway from citrus fruits. Observers quote the citrus fruit effect as a trigger for migraine pain in our body. Lemon is one among the citrus fruits. If the matter is undeclared, lemon water may start migraine pain easily.

May Cause Urination and Dehydration:

In many cases, adding an outsized amount of lemon to your water can cause a diuretic effect. However, in very rare cases, an honest amount of lemon water can cause-effect of urination. consistent with research, lemon water is high in vitamin C or vitamin C which may be a diuretic. It stimulates the assembly of urine within the kidneys, and thus , helps the body to get rid of excess salt from the fluid very quickly.


Drinking lemon water daily can cause heartburn or make it worse, especially if you’ve got frequent heartburn. Heartburn, also referred to as Acid Reflux occurs when the esophagus sphincter fails to function properly allowing stomach acid to return to the esophagus through a process called reflux. General symptoms of heartburn consist of pain and high fever. If you suffer from heartburn, limit the amount of acidic foods and beverages in your diet, including lemons.

Drinking Lemon Water Daily May Increase Metal Content:

Lemon is rich in vitamin C which is liable for increasing the absorption of nonheme iron within the body. If you’ve got a hemochromatosis condition that causes your body to store excess iron, it means you ought to take care when taking lemons. consistent with research, excess iron within the body can damage your organs.

Disadvantages of Drinking Lemon Water Daily
Disadvantages of Drinking Lemon Water Daily

Can Trigger Migraine:

For some people, eating orange fruit, sort of a lemon can cause migraines. consistent with research, if you experience or suffer from migraines, then an excessive amount of lemon can make us worse or worse.

May Cause Mouth Ulcers:

Aside from just stomach ulcers, one among the disadvantages of drinking lemon water is that it could trigger your mouth ulcers too.

Due to the acidic content in lemon water, you’ll find that the sores in your mouth are becoming worse or maybe more painful. These sorts of mouth ulcers also are referred to as canker sores.

Excess Accumulation of Iron:

Taking lemon water daily can cause a condition during which the body fails to soak up iron. You normally use iron to make hemoglobin within the blood.

Therefore, if your body isn’t taking over this vital mineral, you’re likely to develop blood-related complications.

Drinking Lemon Water Daily May Dietary Challenges:

Many people can get on a cleansing diet during which they fast and consume nothing but lemon water. The thought is that this lemon water will eradicate all toxins and thus reset the system.

The problem with going extreme on only one food item is that it’ll not do enough.

In fact, because lemon water has no fiber, you’re unlikely to experience bowel movements. which will imply that you simply won’t completely eradicate toxins and starve yourself of the nutrients you would like to function normally.

How Much Lemon Water Do you have to Drink in a Day:

There is a limit to what proportion of lemon water you’ll take each day .

If you consume lemon water made out of quite 2 lemons, you’ll be setting yourself up for health problems.

Some people take lemon for weight loss. If you’re asking, what proportion of lemon water should I drink each day to lose weight? It’s for two glasses.

You may thus space out your lemon water intake in order that you’ll achieve the latter goal without going overboard.

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