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Eyebrow Tutorial for Beginners

Eyebrow Tutorial for Beginners, These days, beauty experts are telling us that it’s all about the brows. Getting that perfect brow is not any easy feat! With too many products to settle on from, how does one know what’s best for you? Luckily, Faviana is here to save lots of the day. 

We are getting to tell you, and show you, that getting a killer brow is simpler than you thought. an ideal brow completed your entire makeup look, and highlights your eyes. With a couple of simple steps, and a video to offer you a visible , we’ll have you ever proudly rocking amazing brows in no time. 

We broke down the right Eyebrow Tutorial down into three easy steps which everyone can follow to make attractive. So you’ll follow along. Your eyebrows have the facility to form or break any makeup look. 

Knowing this might cause fear in any woman’s mind, but fear not! We’ve put together a simple step-by-step guide to getting the right eyebrows in no time.

Eyebrow Tutorial for Beginners:

Select and Gather Colors and Tools according to choice:

It is always best to settle on a shade closest to your hair color, or a shade lighter than your hair color, to urge a natural look. A darker shade will look more unnatural, and draw an excessive amount of attention to your brows. 

Eyebrow Tutorial for Beginners
Eyebrow Tutorial for Beginners, Eyebrow Tools

We recommend employing a pencil or powder product that supports what you’re most comfortable with. A pencil is straightforward for one step application, but an influence is often great for applying with an eyebrow brush for a feathered look. 

you’ll also combine powder and pencil, using the pencil to line and therefore the powder to fill in.

Analyzing eyebrow and pick most efficient tools and color:

After visualizing your brow shape, or the form you’re trying to realize , begin by applying the powder or pencil ranging from the inner corner of your eye. 

Next, move brush straight up according to the arch of your brow with the help of light strokes. Lastly, fill in any gaps you’ll see, or fill in where you would like your brow was a touch darker. confirm to shade, instead of draw, to realize a natural looking brow. 

make certain to not draw the top of your brows further than your natural brow.

Finishing or dark shading:

Applying a light-weight concealer under your brow, on your upper eyelid, will create that definition and highlight to form your brows pop. Use your normal concealer, or a shade lighter to use a skinny line under your brow. And feather up into your brow slightly on not over defined. you’ll also achieve this highlight employing a light colored eyeshadow, or your favorite cream highlighter.

How to Make Beautiful Eyebrow Shape:


With a mild ,rounded arch, this shape softens angular faces with sharp features like pointed chins.

Sharp Angled: 

With a high, sharp peak, this eyebrows exposes the attention giving a youthful appearance. it’s a robust eyebrows which will help balance strong features like a square jaw and provide a slimming appearance to a round face.

Soft Angled: 

Still fairly high, the more rounded peak provides a softer, more delicate look.


These eyebrows feature a slight curve between the inner corner and therefore the arched peak giving a robust appearance which works well to balance a square face.


These little arched, horizontal eyebrows work well with long faces making them appear more oval.

Shaping eyebrows as Eyebrow Tutorial for Beginners

Round Face:

Best eyebrows shape: High arch, angled with a brief end to offer a slimmer appearance.

Worst eyebrows shape: Rounded eyebrows will only design the face to appear rounder.

Long Face:

Best eyebrows shape: A more horizontal and flat eyebrows makes the face look more oval:

Worst eyebrows shape: High arch and angled eyebrows with a brief tail only exaggerates the length of the face.

Square Face:

Best eyebrows shape: Angled or curved, with a pointy peak to draw attention faraway from the square jaw.

Worst eyebrows shape: A square jaw must be balanced. A round, delicate eyebrows won’t provide balance.

Heart-Shaped Face:

Best eyebrows shape: Rounded, to melt the pointed chin.

Worst eyebrows shape: Horizontal and Flat  eyebrows.

Eyebrow Tutorial for Beginners
Eyebrow Tutorial for Beginners

Oval Face:

Best eyebrows shape: This face shape can accommodate a spread of eyebrows shapes. Soft, angled eyebrows are particularly flattering.

Worst eyebrows shape: A eyebrows that’s too highly arched.

Diamond-Shaped Face:

Best eyebrows shape: An angled, round or curved eyebrows with a peak to narrow the looks of wide cheekbones.

Worst eyebrows shape: Flat, horizontal eyebrows makes the face look as short and wide.

Useful Tips in Eyebrow Tutorial for Beginners:

Locate the arch of your eyebrow to realize a far better design

  • The design of your eyebrows completely changes your look, therefore the very first thing you ought to do is locate the very best point of your eyebrows with a pencil.
  • Choose the planning that matches the simplest with the form of your face
  • Always have a special brush for your eyebrows
  • Choose an eyebrow design that’s appropriate to the form of your eyes
  • Not all beautiful eyebrows should be thick
  • Paint the bow with greater strength than the start of the eyebrow
  • When you shave your eyebrow don’t get too on the brink of the mirror
  • Eyebrows are sisters, not twins
  • Wet your eyeshadow a touch with toiletry 
  • Always choose the foremost natural and similar colour to your hair.



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