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Eyelash extension removal, first of all we have to understand about eyelash and eyelash extension. God made our body with small and big body parts and internal organs. These parts play different roles to sustain our life. So there is confirmation that each body part or organ has very importance.

 What is Eyelash:

Eyelashes are human hairs which fall on upper and lower eyelids on our face. Each of our eyelids has some layers of eyelashes within a row. We’ll have three to five layers of our eyelashes within the eyelid, that protect and frame our eyes. It has the similar anatomy as other  human body hair. they’re anchored to the eyelid by a root. There are small muscles located within the eyelids which, with a contraction, a reflexive and automatic response. They blink open and shut the eyes before an external threat such as particles of dust or any spy which may cause damage to the eyes.

In every blink the eyelashes close links to the eyes like curtains. And, in every blink, the eyes irrigate with a lubricant secretion from sebaceous glands -tear glands- running along the sting of the eyelid, with their openings between the eyelashes. This lubrication assures that the eyes don’t dry out and keeps them wet and healthy.

 Eyelashes on the top eyelid are longer but Lower side eyelids aren’t longer. The upper eyelashes can reach a length of a mean of 8 mm., and have a bent curve upwards. The upper eyelid has more eyelashes: around seventy to a minimum of 100 fifty lashes. Therefore the lower eyelid has generally a row of sixty to eighty eyelashes, smaller which they curve downwards. This curve of both rows of eyelashes helps to slip sweat and foreign particles out of the eyes.

 What is Eyelash Extension:

Before you leap out and book a meeting to urge your new set of lash extensions, there are a couple of details you ought to understand before time. Professional salons use a spread of extensions ensuring you’ll find many options to suit your wants and wishes . Knowing what materials lash extensions are made up of will assist you decide which one suits your preference. 

eyelash extension removal
eyelash extension removal

There are three basic categories that the majority eyelash extensions fall into synthetic, mink, and silk. Synthetic lashes are composed of acrylic and typically have thicker prominent strands allowing a dramatic look. Although they are available in a variety of colors and retain a curl for extended periods, they’ll feel too stiff or heavy for you. An alternative choice that gives a natural appearance are mink lash extensions. This sort of lash is finer in quality, lighter and more flexible than synthetic, ensuring they feel almost like your real lashes. The third category is silk, which also are fine and light-weight . they’re flexible and long-lasting, ideal for everyday wear.

Eyelash Extension Removal:

Never remove it by tugging. Chances are that you simply might achieve a variety of your real lashes also and this may become very tragic. Go gentle on those fake eyelashes and handle them as if they could be real.

Step #1 for eyelash extension removal:

Start by pressing a fake eyelash remover on your lash line with a cotton swab. You’ll gently tap the swab at rock bottom so it loosen out the eyelash glue.

Start applying from the fringes inwards. You’ll use some eye makeup remover as an alternative. It’d even be good to let it soak for a few seconds so it melts the adhesive glue.

Step#2 eyelash extension removal:

After ensuring that it’s fully softened, take one corner of the lash band (for full fake eyelashes) and gently achieve the eye lashes. For individual fake eyelashes, it’s best to use an honest pair of tweezers for more precision when pulling.

Step#3 for eyelash extension removal:

Remove all available traces of eyelash glue by pressing some more eyelash remover. Eventually, cleanse your eyes and then the rest of your makeup with an honest structure remover.

 Another alternative for removing Fake Eyelashes is to use soap and water to loosen adhesive glue as effective as eyelash removers. Some also soak the planet with oil or virgin coconut oil to understand the same glue loosening effect.

Disadvantages of Eyelash Extension:

Health Risk Factors:

Unfortunately, not every woman can enjoy the convenience of eyelash extensions. The glue that’s wont to fasten them on can often cause allergies . Women have also been known to suffer from infections in their eyes, thanks to lack of proper eyelash extension maintenance.

They last only three weeks:

Yes, their duration is additionally a con. you’ve got to weigh the value of the sort you get with the three approximately weeks they’re going to last you. it’d not be affordable to possess them on an ongoing basis. If that’s the case, consider eyelash extensions for special occasions, then, like for a vacation or a marriage .

Increase In Maintenance:

While eyelash extensions do hamper morning preparation, they add another regular appointment to an already busy schedule. If a lady already has got to put aside time to urge her hair and nails done, it are often difficult to seek out yet one more block of your time to use eyelash extension


A woman could save herself with the use of some money by finding a moderately cost independent technician. She’ll even be ready to crop on her other makeup related expenses. Considering that the expansion cycle for a person’s natural eyelashes takes about six to eight weeks, that’s about as often because the eyelash extensions will have to get replaced .

Your eye makeup choices are limited:

While lash extensions make wearing mascara unnecessary, confine mind that wearing eyeliner and eye shadow isn’t ideal once you have eyelash extensions, since you’ve gotta wash and rub your eye area to get rid of your eye makeup. If you continue to prefer to wear eye makeup, then make certain to use a non-oily eye makeup remover.


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