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face expression, Humans body is the combination of emotion and feeling. Our emotion, feeling or expression tells someone about what we want. 

What do facial expressions mean:

Actually how we behave to someone is the fundamental process, it is also a  complex action and difficult to explain decisions. Generally our emotions guide our life.

It is clear that understanding the emotional situations of people can be very important for a variety of applications, from understanding a better understanding of human psychology, is a very difficult way or can say it is a complete research case study.

Because the emotions, feelings, expressions are changing with little passage of time and also in minutes. Whereas the importance of understanding emotions is very clear and useful, it can be difficult to get objective, real time data about an individual’s emotional state.

How do facial expressions work:

Across cultural research on face expression and the developments of techniques to measure face expression are briefly summarized. What we have learned about emotions from this work on the face is then elucidated. Four questions about face expression and emotion are discussed as following: 

  • What does an expression typically convey to someone
  • Can there be emotions without face expression 
  • Can there be a face expressions of emotion without internal emotions
  • How do individuals differ in their face expressions of internal emotions

Why are facial expressions important:

Facial expression understanding plays a useful role in communicating the actual emotions and intentions of human beings. Face expression check in uncontrolled situations is more difficult as compared to in controlled situations due to change quickly.

Face expression is one of the instant, natural, and powerful means for us to communicate our intentions and emotions to someone else. 

When we look at any person as surprised, we understand he surprise but we may be wrong. A face expression of our emotion depends not only on the face expression itself, but also the situation in which the expression is appeared. 

How do you read a face:

Generally, face expression can categoriz into neutral, disgust, anger, fear, sadness, surprise and happiness. This expression is not easy to understand because we have to analyze the situation and expression and our problems then we can better understand the expression.

 If a person shows sad expression but he is suffering some other problems which are also severe for him, It means he is much sadder than he expresses. Oppositely when a person expresses sadness but he is hoping for some other happ news, its sadness level will be different. 

 Latest research shows that the ability of young persons to read the emotions and feelings of other people is getting reduced due to the extensive use of digital devices. 

Do facial expressions influence our feelings:

It is a very common thing in our life because when we face sadness we automatically express it by our face and similarly when we are happy automatically our face tells us about our happiness. So our expression and feeling is directly proportional. It means our feelings directly affect our face expression.

Do facial expressions reflect inner feelings:

Exactly, our face tells everything about our heart and brain. Our face expression tells others  our sadness, happiness, greatness, gladness, fear about anything, our angriness with someone and recent reason, also expresses surprising situations by our face.Face expressions convey basic information on emotional internal emotions, also  physical sensations and intent. The much studied theories that face expressions can be signals or emotions of intent or feeling in special period of time, have largely remained separated in animal studies.

face expression:

Researchers have now explained that human emotions are too much more complicated than the earlier notions, defined by six basic emotions and six types of faces which they had initially proposed. They have observed that in certain moments it is a combination of two or more emotions. Although the exact number of face expressions could vary from one study to the other study. researchers have observed on an average and pointed out 20 different types of face expression in different moments. So you show a range of face expressions.There are six basic face expression which are as following:

Face Expression Happiness:

Face Expression
Face Expression, joyness

Happiness is a very good emotion for expressing that is obviously associated with a signal of mind that reflects natural, satisfaction, pleasure or joy.

it is one of the most suitable emotions, and it observ and studied easily. It has studied different philosophical, religious, and biological departments. All of these studies try to explain the source of happiness. Philosophers, and religious theories, have defined happiness as reflection from the living of a good life, or the flourishing of one’s soul. Today, we usually link happiness with pleasure and shining eyes

Face Expression Disgust:

Disgust is an emotion that is usually link with things that are unsanitary, inedible, offending or  infectious. For example someone may offend by some harmful things you have said, or they may be disgusted by someone’s behavior.

Disgust expression is relative to something revolting andexperience primarily in offence to the sense of taste. Secondarily in retaliation to something which elicits a similar feelings by senses of smell or touch. The face movement in this expression is to raise their upper lip, raise their cheeks and wrinkle their nose bridge.

Face Expression Anger:

Anger is a bad emotion which is part of our expression. thatoften link within the range of minor problems to intense range. Physically, anger causes an increased heart rate, moves upward blood pressure, and abnormal levels in brain tissues. You may usually listen as anger being link with the fight or flight brain reflects.

when a person shown an experience that causes them to feel thread or  pain.

Our face movement in this expression is to lower both brows, press the lips, and bulge their eyes and loudness in voice.

Face Expression Fear:

Fear is unexpected or expected emotion of face expressions, that is usually linked with a threatening or dangerous situation which is near to come. It is a fundamental survival mechanism that occurs in a few minutes or after some period of time. It helps to prepare for that problem but we express that thread by our face. Sometimes it may cause anxiety. In this expression a person raises both brows,

Face Expression2

opens the mouth smartly, and opens both eyes in a manner that is wider than normal.

Face Expression Surprise:

Surprise is not a common sense emotion thatusually link with a brief or happyness feelings of being. This brief  situation of being express by an unexpected or relevant event. However, Glad situations also express unexpected or relevant events. In this expression a person fully raise both brows, open their eyes widely.

Face Expression Sadness:

Sadness is a very bad emotion expression that usually link with the feelings of disadvantage, loss, and helplessness. Face movement lowers the corners of the mouth, and raises the inner portion of their brows, dull the whole face.


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