How to Lose Weight Fast without Exercise

how to lose weight fast without exercise, During the epidemic of covid19. Stay home and save yourself. But these days our physical activities disturbed. We spent most of our time sitting or sleeping. So there are many more chances to increase our body weight. Increasing body weight is not good for us. We have to reduce our body weight but some people can not do exercise or some dislike exercise so they need to lose weight without doing exercise.

Will I be ready to do this?

Offcourse you’ll be, if you’re really motivated for weight loss. That’s what I said within the first article. On this diet you merely are asked to prevent using sugar. Before starting the diet you would possibly feel that it might be difficult to chop the amount of chapatis or amount of rice from my diet. But believe me once you follow the recommendation above you wont desire eating much. Even if you discover it is difficult, within 3-4 days you’ll want to go on this diet.

 How Easy How to Lose Weight Fast without Exercise

Now I’m sure you’d wish to improve my skills. Did I lose weight? Before you read further, let me tell you one thing that you simply need to sacrifice on. you’ll not reduce if you want to continue eating sweets. Yes you’ve got to completely hand over sweets made from sugar. Though you’ll sometimes have desserts made from sugar substitutes. i’m not getting to offer you some diet charts, you’re alleged to make your own diet plan. I don’t have a magic wand that might shed off that extra fat, you’ve got to form your own. My objective is to help you learn a couple of basics of human metabolism, the energy balance in your own body and having learnt it, you’d yourself determine the key that you simply may have been trying to find . Now don’t get disheartened. you’re getting to reduce with no workout plan and needing to starve. But you would like to earn it. Earn it just by reading and trying to find out.

Green Tea Help to Lose Weight Fast without Exercise:

Drink tea a day . Studies show tea may be a rich source of catechins and caffeine- both of which are effective in melting body fat.

Mix tea with lukewarm water and stir for about 7 minutes. you’ll also add honey thereto after straining to enhance its taste. Drink immediately!


Increase your intake of Curcumin (turmeric). They are available with impressive anti-inflammatory properties and polyphenol, which is a fat-hindering nutrient. Turmeric consists of over 95% of Curcumin in them then whenever prepping your meals, remember to feature an additional spoon of turmeric.

Honey-Lemon Help to Lose Weight Fast without Exercise:

You can also add lemon and honey to a glass of lukewarm water and drink a day to scale back weight. This is often one among those popular home remedies to reduce fast without exercise.

The mixture consists of vitamin C by lemon and lipid lowering characteristics from honey. And both of them play a role in melting extra fat.

Apple vinegar:

Mix apple vinegar with lukewarm water and honey, and drink the mixture twice a day . Apple vinegar comes with many ethanoic acid and anti-obesity properties which burns calories and quickens the method of losing weight.

how to lose weight fast without exercise
how to lose weight fast without exercise

Cranberry Juice Help to Lose Weight Fast without Exercise:

Drink 2-3 glasses of fresh fruit juice without sugar throughout the day after every meal. Cranberries come with antioxidants that not only boost(s) our metabolism but it also help flush out our useful body toxins. And inevitably, it helps you reduce fast!

Fresh Fruits and Vegetables:

Including more fruit and vegetables in our regular food which we eat daily. they’re healthy and aid in your weight loss journey. they’re high in water, fibre, and nutrients. Plus, they are available with low energy density. Even studies prove that folks who eat fruits and vegetables more tend to possess more toned figures and stand back from heart diseases.

Yoghurt Help to Lose Weight Fast without Exercise :

Yoghurt is additionally an efficient home remedy that helps hamper weight. they’re rich or probiotics and help improve your metabolism. Consume a bowl of plain yoghurt twice each day and see noticeable leads to a few weeks.

Dandelion Tea:

Consume dandelion tea a day . Dandelion is one natural diuretic that makes you urinate more. and thru that, it flushes out the prevailing toxins from your body, more so from your stomach.

You can pour warm water over the dried Dandelion leaves then simmer for 8-10 minutes. Then strain them out and add some juice and honey to enhance the taste.

This home activity proves a very effective role in losing belly fat briskly. However, if you afford congested bile ducts, gallbladder problems, refrain from using Dandelion tea.


It’s quite common to use the cinnamon powder in cooking. But, did you recognize that it also is one effective weight loss remedy? That’s correct!

Even studies reveal that cinnamon helps treat obesity, and other people have been using it for ages. To make the mixture, mix two tsp. of cinnamon powder during a glass of water. Then mix juice and honey. Stir properly and drink it a day on an empty stomach.

Coconut Oil Help to Lose Weight Fast without Exercise:

Replace your regular vegetable oil with copra oil . Studies show that it’s another effective remedy to chop down weight and boost metabolism levels. copra oil consists of medium-chain triglycerides (MCTs). And employing a little over 30ml (2 tbsp.) on your favourite salad, over a period can help reduce abdominal fat and waist circumference.

Avoid Soft Drinks:

Reduce or avoid drinking liquid calories. they are available with artificial sugar and may cause a rise in your body/belly weight.

Observation shows that artificial sweety liquid calories are like fruit juices or  chocolate milkshakes and some other soft drinks. It may cause a 60% obesity risk in children.

Alternatively, you’ll consume home-made drinks like juice , burn plant juice (which helps lessen inflammatory causes in your body) 2-3 times during a day. Both of them are excellent home remedies to reduce fast without exercise!

Curry Leaves:

Observation shows that using 4-5 curry leaves with an empty belly stomach every morning. It helps in weight loss. So, thereon note, you ought to consume 6-7 curry leaves throughout the day. But before consuming, wash them properly.

Curry leaves accompany high levels of triglycerides, which causes weight loss naturally. It decreases your cholesterol levels and also helps you in proper digestion of food. In short, it’s another one among those effective home remedies to reduce fast without exercise!

Ginger Tea Help to Lose Weight Fast without Exercise:

Look to consume ginger tea. And to form it, take one tablespoon of grated ginger, 2 cups of water, 2 tbsp. of juice , and one tablespoon of raw honey.

Boil water during a saucepan, add the ginger and postpone the warmth . Use a lid for 10 minutes only and let it simmer. Strain the tea into your teacup then mix the lemon and honey. Mix nicely and have it 2-3 times during a day. you’ll even have it before bedtime.

how to lose weight fast without exercise
how to lose weight fast without exercise

Healthy Spices:

You can also enhance your usage of healthy spices like chilli peppers or  jalapenos. Both of them consist of capsaicin, which burns fat quickly and helps boost metabolism levels. Observations even describe that capsaicin also helps in reducing appetite and also intake of calories. confirm you don’t have them with junk foods.

Garlic Help to Lose Weight Fast without Exercise:

Include more garlic intake in your meals. Garlic consists of anti-obesity properties. Plus, it helps improve your body’s thermogenesis. For years, people have been using garlic as a weight loss home remedy, then are you able to .

There are two ways to incorporate garlic to your daily intake. Either you’ll chew on 1-2 garlic cloves if you’ll withstand its intense flavour. Or, you’ll chop them finely and add them to your 3-course meals.

Benefits of lose weight:

Fewer headaches:

People who face problems with headaches or chronic migraines. They might notice these symptoms slowly vanish once they push the pounds.

Stress may disappear:

Foods with a high fat, sugar, and salt content – especially processed carbs – can trigger high levels of cortisol aka. the strain hormone. A weight loss regimen can reverse this.

Balanced mood:

Exercise tells the brain to release feel-good chemicals like endorphins resulting in a more balanced mood and positive attitude.

Saving money:

Pizza delivery and nutriment meals are unhealthy and expensive. Nutritious alternatives are often made for a fraction of the value .

Work gets easier:

When people feed their body the proper vitamins and minerals, this might also improve cognitive function making jobs seem tons less overwhelming.

Better social life:

People who reduce tend to spend tons less time sitting round the house. Instead, they get out and attend new activities where they will meet more friends.  


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