How to Shave Your Face

How to Shave your Face

How to Shave Your Face, God gives us a beautiful and useful machine in the form of our body. He also creates some special things on this body for our beauty or use or perform other operations. Such as parts of the body, every part of the body performs their specific function. 

How do you properly shave:

There can not be an alternative of body parts in between each other. Suppose foot can not replace hand and hand can not replace foot.  Similarly Hair is also part of the body which God gifted. Hair covers the various parts of the body like head, arms, chest, legs, private part of body.

So some hairy parts look beautiful but some parts look or feel beautiful hair free. So that part of beauty is removing the hair from that body part. Supporse private parts of body hair does not look and feel good but that body part clean and hair free looks beautiful. So simply removing the hair from the body is shave.

How do you get the cleanest shave:

It is a very common word which is used for cleanliness of the body. The activity in which we found hair that is able to  remove hair from the body with the help of razor, scissors or with other methods.

Shaving :

It is  the activity to remove unusual hairs from body. simply shiving happening with the help of  razor and remove the hair from the root of hair. There are different type of razor which use for this purpose. There are standard razors which are either disposable or have a disposable blade, these types or razors need to be replaced for each shave or use on a regular basis, Some people also use electric razors or can say shaving machines.

How to Shave Your Face

Using an electric razor or shaving machines can be quick and convenient for shaving, but some guys and men complain about those machines. They say the shaving machine cannot give the close and accurate shave that can give a standard razor. Although using an electric razor is most easy, and no need of special skill and he happen single hand. But the shaving with standard razor is a part of perfect training and skill. A person make cut on his skin without skill and proper training with standard razor.


When we are using a standard razor, the most important thing which we need is a clean and sharp blade. Do not shave with a dull or blunt blade or razor. At best, a dull blade can give you an uneven shave and make redness on your skin, blotches, and also patches of unshaven hair on your face and neck. At worst, a dull blade can cause the removal of a amount of your skin along with the hair. So Don’t be afraid of changing the blade often but afraid of using the dull blade razor. 

So the next most important item for shaving is gel, cream or other products which keep your skin soft from becoming too dry and reduce friction of the razor. If you select a mentholated shaving gel, be aware that menthol can sometimes cause a  reaction with some types of skin and may result in red blotches. Whenever you feel problems with mentholated gel,cream or other products quit instantly.

How to Shave Your Face

Step 1 of How to Shave Your Face:

First of all before starting shaving, we have to check our tools which we want to use for shaving. Such as brush, razor, hot water,get, cream, or  other product. If brush should be washed and razor should be sharp or change the razor blade for avoiding any bacterial problem.

Step 2 of How to Shave Your Face:

There are different possibilities in this step. Some people use warm water, some use gel and some people use cream in this stage or some use other advanced formulas.

So if you use warm water then wet the hairs or part of the face which need to be shaved. Be careful water should not warm much or normal but feel warm. This technique makes the hairs soft and ready to shave.

If we want to use cream simply we apply the cream on the part of the face where we need to shave, and not wash because we remove hairs along this cream also.

If we want to use gel, similarly we apply gel on the face and leave him for a few minutes so that hairs become soft and ready for shaving. Again we do not not wash the gel but remove get along the shaving hairs with razor.

If we use another product then we have to check his application manual which company sends along with the product and apply according to instruction and conditions.

How to Shave Your Face

Step 3 of How to Shave Your Face:

Mostly we use a sharp razor or safety razor for shaving. Remove the shave with the help of these tools. Use tools according to the direction of hairs but do not use tools opposite side of hairs. Using the opposite side of hairs may cause skin cut, red spots or other problems. Use a razor very softly and slowly, do not try to make it quickly because that quickness may cause cuts on skin.

Try to wash tools after every spin so that the tool’s surface should become clean and  we can enjoy this activity and avoid uneven shaving or other problems.

Step 4:

We can repeat the above step 2 times but if you want to experience the most cleanliness of hair this is recommended to 3 to 4 times follow the above steps. But must check the condition of razor, if feel is

Step 5:

After shaving your face wash your face with fresh water and also can use soap. May apply some lotion or sanitizers or other product on shaved part of face.

Step 6:

Wash all tools which are used for shaving and save them properly so that next time that tool can be in usable form. But disposable time may waste to dustbin.


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