How to Stop Shave Cut Bleeding

How to Stop Shave Cut Bleeding

How to stop shave cut bleeding, is a very common problem for men and women. Every person uses blades or razors carefully but sometimes we face this problem which makes it hard and sometimes we need to go to hospital. When we talk about salons they must have first aid to have cut bleeding. We have to understand the skin of the face for this.

Face or What is the concept of face:

The face is the central organ for the human body which takes part to express the feeling, recognition of personality, and communication without words or moving tongue. It consists of  four major parts of the sense organs such as the nose for sniffing, eyes for looking at the beautiful universe, ears for listening voices of the beautiful sound in the universe, and tongue for prayers of God and speake well for humanity. In humans, and mouth for eating the tasty food created by God. So faces play a very important role in our life and for our body. 

What is human face:

It is also important because he has a very important orgain he has on a little area of the body. It is situated on the front side of the head and also forehead to the chin, left ear to right ear. Face has different types of shapes and different expressions.

Why is the face important?

The forehead, This start the skin just below the hairline and bordered till the eyebrows

  • The eyes, which fall in the orbit and eyelash protect them.
  • The nose, which consist of the nostrils and septum
  • The cheeks, which is the upper portion of the jaw and the maxilla
  • The mouth, which consist of  the tongue and teeth and throat
    The face also has a unique skin but sensitive that reacts to a range of movement through a broad network of nerve endings and performing as a host that makes vision, sniffing, feeding, and communication possible.

Part of body which we shaved and How to Stop Shave Cut Bleeding:

How to Stop Shave Cut Bleeding
Underarm Shave

Normally we can shave every part of the body but there are some basic parts of the body which we must shave and understand to clean our body cleanly. That parts are as following:

  • Face under the lips, cheeks and neck
  • Chest shave
  • Arms and leg
  • Private parts of body
  • Head hair

What is mean by shaving:

The act which is responsible to remove or cut the hairs from a specific part of the body. When the hair stands on the top of the head it looks beautiful but when it develops on other body parts, some people feel bad or disturbing so that’s why people shave it off.

 Young people don’t usually do this because their hair is not so hard and look mature, but older men and women shave their hair from their face and especially must shave underarms and their legs or on private areas of the body. 

Some men don’t shave their face but they like to grow beards and mustaches and feel more attractive. Some women also choose not to shave but they use some other product for this purpose. And some male and female players  such as swimmers shave their entire bodies so they perform better in the water. 

What happens when you shave:

When we shave our hair from a specific area of the body we feel better and relax. Because some time these hair make us ugly especially face hair in the women which most women dislike and like to remove with shave or removing by laser or use other methods and long bread and ong mustaches on the face of men which also some people dislike and want to cut or remove them. 

Similarly underarm hairs create a bad smell so we feel bad during gatherings with that smell or sometimes feel discomfort due to that hairs. Some private body parts must shave them such as lower private body parts which make sexual relationships more enjoyable.

What is the right age to shave:

a good shaving method must be learned before starting shaving for the first time at the age of tween or teen 12-14 years old. Girls and boys are likely to become mature and better understand and experience skin cut. So I recommend that the hair shaving age starts from 15 year.

How do you properly shave or avoiding How to Stop Shave Cut Bleeding:

During discussing How to Stop Shave Cut Bleeding, Shaving can be a challenging activity if anybody is not well aware about this. That is both for  men and women. Here are some tips to help you get a clean shave:

  • Start shaving with wet skin and hair to soften the hairs. A good time to shave is right after a shower. Because the hair will become fully wet and become soft.
  • apply a shaving cream or gel on the area of shaving with brush. If your skin is very dry or sensitive, use a shaving cream which produces sensitive skin. This problem occurs just starting shave age or so soft skins.
  • Check your razor or safety razor condition, razor should be sharp and made by bacteria fee material
  •  Start shave but Shave should according to the direction of  hair growth. Do not shave against the hair growing direction otherwise pain or plucking the hair with razors. And also the possibility of cutting the skin.
  • Clean the razor after each swip so that its blades surface clean. Also make sure you change the blade or waste away disposable razors after 5 to 6 shaves. make sure your razor is put on a dry area and prevent bacteria from growing on it during shave.
  • Repeat this activity 2 to 3 times with the above steps.
  • After shaving, wash and Store your razor in a dry area. Do not put your razor under the shower or on a wet sink area.
  • acne should take special care while shaving otherwise that cut off.

Follow the steps for soft shaving. But some time during shave you face cut on your skin which is not harmful but some time it transforms to harmful condition.

Stop Shave Cut Bleeding
Face Shave

how to stop shave cut bleeding:

During discussing How to Stop Shave Cut Bleeding we can say that Every person is careful but sometimes we face a cut at a shaving place, So because razors are so sharp that’s why they instantly bleed from place. This could be ignorant or overconfidence or briskly  about shaving. But both factors gave a cut on the skin. After the cut, 

Every man has tried to control the bleeding by using  the toilet paper method. Using a tiny type of toilet paper to block the blood until it clots. Also you can control by stopping in the blood flow area. There are different ways to heal a minor cut. The best method is disinfect and heal cuts. We prefer the lip balm method. It cleans the cut, controls bleeding, and  heals the skin.

  • Press the cut with the help of a warm washcloth for 30 seconds, until bleeding slows down or stops. Warm water can also  help clean the cut and slow down the bleeding.
  • Apply a medicine liquid or mouthwash  to disinfect the wound.
  • Put Eyedrops on the cut.
  • Put  an ice piece on the cut for 20-30 seconds, to control the blood vessels. This should stop bleeding. Apply unused lip balm to the nick. This will provide a help barrier that keeps blood inside, and keeps the bad stuff outside.
  • for 30 minutes, then softly wipe the balm away, since there will be excess balm top your skin. 
  •  Spot treat the cut with a soothing moisturizer.


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