Natural Hair Salon

Natural Hair Salon

Natural Hair Salon, First of all what is hair?. Hair is very simple and fundamental  in structure and shape, but it has various functions in our social life. Hair consists of tough protein cells called keratin. A hair follicle anchors and each hair into the body skin. 

The hairs bulbs form the base of the hair follicle. In the hair bulbs, living cells increase and grow, it  builds the hair shaft. 

Blood vessels care for the cells in the bulbs of hair and transform hormones which help hair growth,length and avoid falling with the passage of time in life.

Hair growth process in cycles consist of  three parts which are as following:

Growth phase: 

Most hairs are growing at any special time in the phase.very soft hair grow in the body of infant but with the passage of time the grew and make healthy 

Transitional phase: 

After a few weeks of growing phase, hair grows  slowly and the hair follicle shrinks.

Natural Hair
Natural Hair

Resting phase: 

After a  month, hair growing ended and the old hair isolate from the hair follicle. A new hair begins the growth phase, eliminating the old hair .Hair grows with different rates, that is  in different people. 

The average rate of hair growth estimate one and half inch per month of a normal person’s head. The color hair is developed by pigment cells which are developing melanin in the hair follicle. During the life passing, The pigment cells are going to finish and hair turns gray.

Hair Structure:

Every hair is a bundle of protein called keratin which develops out of a shape called the hair follicle. Hair follicles fully coverup our skin, but only the palms of your hands, that does not covered and also soles of your feet which are also not covered.

Our body has two types of hair, First tone is Vellus hairs, that is soft and smooth hairs we might look at your face, also on our stomach and on our back, mostly on the back of women. Second one is terminal hair which is long,  is coarse and dark and develops in the scalp, pubic and private areas of both men and women.

Natural Hairs:

Natural hair has gotten popularity in the black community and asian from a few years ago. For decades, various black women have been observed to use chemicals to straighten their hair. 

But nowadays, there are an increasing number of black women who avoid the use of chemicals. They want to use more natural approaches for hair care.  In a report of 2018 generated by Mintel declared that black women are likely to set their hair as natural.

Estimated 40 percent of those women have changed to both chemical free and no heat styling, whereas almost 33 percent of black women still prefer heat styling, but remove all other chemicals.

Natural Hairs:

Although the natural hair’s trend has almost finished, but the donning natural hair is more difficult than it sounds. It is social probelm that many women who have decided to decide natural hair, they face daily discrimination and emotional harrassment. 

The main issue in the natural hair movement, is that comparatively few people understand about natural hair. The term natural hair define as relaxer free hair which is differ  from chemical free hair. 

Chemicals, on the surface of hair, are sometimes considered dangerous but this does not happen in routine. Most chemicals that we use on a daily basis are perfect and safe without any harmful effect. 

For example, water or H2O is a safe chemical which use for hair. 

Other words for Natural Hair Salon, 

Natural hair refers to hair categories that have not been changed by chemical products, including texturizers and relaxers

Basically relaxer is a type of chemical lotion which apply on extremely curly hair or kinky hair to make it straight like a stick or rod. These products do not as damag as they used to be, but they are still very strong.

Basically, a relaxer or similar straightener product weakens  the hair so that the hair cannot maintain its natural and original shape.

Natural Hair Salon:

Natural Hair Salon
Natural Hair Salon

a place where we can receive natural treatments for your hairs to make them look more attractive.A natural hair salon or beauty parlor is a place dealing with hair care treatment with natural products for men and women. 

Other different  types of business include hair salons ,spas, beauty parlors. There is a difference between a natural hair salon and beauty salon. The hair salon deals only with hair treatment but beauty salons deal with various types of treatment like skin, hair, sap etc. 

A salon owner or worker is well aware how to  cut a man’s hair naturally. If you are a advance style and like styles, you are going to this type of salon like unisex salon well known as Supercuts. Most of the time, we did walk out from these places with a crappy haircut not a natural haircut. 

Sometimes, my haircut would express itself decently for a few days but after that feel, it  grows out into a horrible bowl because my hairdresser did not cut natural haircut but they made them new style and when hair grow out that style loss their look but natural haircut are not losing their look or at least not look horrible.

The basic problem is that people do not train for natural haircuts but they are trained for stylish haircuts with the help of different products.

Basic Tools for Natural Hair Salon:

  • Razor Scissors
  • Thinning Scissors
  • Razor
  • Comb
  • Shaving Machine
  • Mirror
  • Chair

In this a hairdresser trained to haircut with scissors, which is the basic and main tool for haircut. But with the condition of hair they also use clipper/shaving machines or thinning scissors. They cut hair without using any product that’s why we feel and observe the natural haircut.


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