Silky Hair


Silky Hair, it consists of filament that is made mostly from protein (mean keratin) and protrudes out by epidermis. long, Thick,  hair on our head is terminal and fine hair throughout our body is called vellus hair.

Hairs consist of two parts: known as first one is Hair shaft and second one is Hair root.

Hair shaft:

It extends above our skin surface and consist of

Cuticle: outer layer formed from dead cells of the body and makes the hair shaft strong and healthy.

Cortex: Fibrous center layer of hairs that give hair its weight and producing melanin in it.

Medulla: most inner layers consist of circular cells.

Hair root:

 It is the portion of hair under the skin’s surface and consists of.

Follicles: Cells division and hairs growth begins from here.

Hair bulb: Cells of hairs shaft are produced from here.

Erector pili: making hair stand and straight toward upside when scared or cold.

Sebaceous gland: Secrete sebum that lubricates our hair.

What is Silk about Silky Hairs:

 Silk has long been considered an expensive ingredient because of its soft texture and smooth feel. During this respect, it is sensible to be utilized in haircare once we want gorgeously healthy and silky locks. tons of brands are now formulating their products using Silk Amino Acids, which help to support the natural structure of the hair fibres, while leaving them smooth and sleek.

Silky Hair
Silky Hair

Silk itself features a very tight molecular structure, and it’s this structure which helps to stay moisture in and stop water loss. It helps to stay moisturised, soft and free from tangles. This is often great as your hair goes through the method of washing, drying and styling almost daily, then needs a touch nourishment to assist keep it protected.

Silky Hair :

It is every woman’s dream to possess smooth, dark and silky hair. Shiny hair always gives an honest impression whether curly, short, long or straight. The key of shiny hair is that the outer layer that gives much natural oil is required to stay moist and glossy throughout. If your hair looks dull, unhealthy and dry, it’s a transparent indication that the out layer is broken.

How to get and maintain Silky Hairs:

Diet for Silky Hair.

What goes in, comes out. Something occurs with your body, hair and skin. So eat healthy food. Rich with vitamin E and protein. Never skip Breakfast. erode the right span of your time . Meals should be sufficiently managed or manage a time to eat in time.

Keep your hair clean. As long as women are using quality products, they will enjoy more frequent washing.It reduces split ends, provides great moisture, and provides hair an overall clean and glossy look.

Oiling for Silky Hair:

Use a mixture of  oils for oiling our hairs to lock moisture. Make a mix of some oils like mustard, almond, jojoba, olive, castor, coconut, rosemary, avocado etc.

Use Conditioner and Serum after shampoo.

Most folks never do conditioning or not applying serum after shampoo. But this is often the simplest thing you’ll ever do to your hairs. Never condition your roots. And proper use serum on damp hairs (neither not too wet nor too dry).

Don’t wrap a towel:

don’t use a towel to dry your hair. Towels clean or wipe out all the moisture of our hair too and make them almost fizzy. Instead of a towel you’ll use your old cotton t-shirt to wrap your hair.

Do not comb wet hair for Silky Hair:

 Never comb wet hair. Yeah..! I do know we all are in a hurry lately and need to form things done on time. But trust me Combing wet hair causes hair fall and breakage of healthy hairs too. If necessary , you’ll use a good comb just to untangle your hairs lightly.

Wash bed sheets and also pillow covers or develop them as silky. Always use a clean sheet and pillow covers. Don’t use cotton pillow covers. Use silk pillow covers. Silk’s soft texture would not affect your hair’s cuticle once you sleep the way cotton does. Fewer frizzy strands within the morning? Now that is the dream (no pun intended).

Avoids heat styling the maximum amount as possible:

 But let’s be honest, you’ve got to use them sometimes. A celebrity hairstylist and founding father of Hair Room Service, recommends steam rollers, which are gentle on the hair and don’t get overly warm, as they’re heated solely by steam passing through the froth on the roller. But when you surely need to use hot hairdressing tools (such as low dryers, wands, curling irons, flat irons, hot rollers) to style your hair, always use a spray in heat protectant.

Skimp on moisturizer:

The skin that creates up your scalp needs moisture a bit like the skin on your face does, especially if it’s getting to provide a healthy foundation for hair to grow efficiently, explains Riawna Capri of CLEAR Scalp & Hair also. She adds: “A general rule of thumb is to condition whenever you shampoo.”But the moisturizing doesn’t end once you allow the shower.  you are not heat hair dressing your hair, you ought to comb through a protective product, says Oribe Hair Care stylist Adam Livermore. It can decrease frizz, split ends and dryness, and also secure your color!

Stay loyal:

 It is a very often misconception that diverting up your hair care brands keeps  hair healthier. Because it does not get time to adapt such, but some experts disagree with it. Definitely, they suggest observing what works for you and sticking with it. Remember: Your hair doesn’t know the difference. And while it’s perfectly fine to vary things up when checking out that perfect combination that leaves you with killer strands — once you discover it, don’t let it go.

Regular Hair Care Activities for Silky Hairs:

Don’t forget before going to BED for Silky Hair:

Go satin for Silky Hair:

It is best to use satin sheets and pillow covers because it doesn’t absorb moisture. Cotton sheets usually drink moisture from your hair,especially the ideas than the scalp because it is in direct contact leaving your hair extremely dry the subsequent morning.

 Well, now you recognize how you magically awaken with split ends.

Silky Hair
Silky Hair

 Braids are a girl’s ally :

Apart from braids being a lifesaver during the day they aren’t your rescuer after dark.Braiding your hair to bed may break your strands as you toss and switch . But if you favor the warmth less curls fashion it’s better to use a scrunchy and braid it a touch looser than usual.

 Your scalp needs a Massage :

 You need not spend a fortune over a hair spa when your hands are the simplest masseur. Gently massaging your hair before bed a day will stimulate hair growth .You can oil and massage your scalp and leave it overnight for moisturized luscious locks.It is needful to grease your hair regularly to revive .

 Don’t let it fall : 

Letting your hair fall free over your face affect both your hair and face.Using satin hair scarves will keep your hair out of your face. you’ll also wear your hair as a bun with a scrunchy or use bobby pins to neatly secure it to scale back breakage.

 Brush your hair before bed:

 You need not brush it hundred times each day but it’s better to hit the sheets tangle free.Natural oil secreted by your scalp is what keeps your hair luscious.Using a wide type tooth comb to our brush from root to tips will helps our natural oil reach our tips soon.

 Washing your hair before bed :

 Did you recognize that the simplest time to scrub your hair is in the dark . But confirm you don’t attend bed wet. Wash the hairs after dawn when the dust enters and air dry them naturally for admirable tresses.


 Fight the tangles : Brush your hair and take away the tangles carefully and massage your scalp for a minimum of two-three minutes every morning. Bend over and put your head the wrong way up for a few minutes for better circulation of blood which also helps in boosting hair growth.

 Hair wash routine :

 You should wash your hair in accordance with the season.During summer wash your hair daily especially as sweat and dirt will clog your scalp and blocking new hair follicles.Whereas during winter washing it twice per week is sufficient. Don’t grease your hair with more product instead wash it with a light shampoo and conditioner. It’s better to travel for natural or DIY products than expensive commercial products.

Don’t use Cap:

This is very dangerous for hairs and their silk. So do not use a cap for a long time.


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