why does hair fall out

why does hair fall out, basically Hair is vital generally because a bit like every other a part of the body, you’ve got to require care of it if you would like it to seem nice. It’s not an important organ, but it’s noticeable and thus critical to appearance.  regardless of how you are feeling … Read more WHY DOES HAIR FALL OUT


ayurvedic Hair Care

Ayurvedic hair care, basically Ayurveda may be a Sanskrit word sense ayus means life and vela means knowledge of life, is that the traditional Hindu system of drugs which uses diet, herbal treatment and yogic breathing. Ayurveda predicate on maintaining balance among earth, air, water, fire and ether. It maintains health by maintaining equilibrium with … Read more AYURVEDIC HAIR CARE


Hair Types Men

Hair Types Men, Hair take into account the crown or frame of the face. It’s one among the primary things people see once they check out you. We can’t underestimate the emotional impact that hair has on us.  Just believe how you are feeling once you walk out from the hair salon? Or how you … Read more HAIR TYPES MEN

Black and Gold Nails

black and gold nails

black and gold nails, We have various parts in our body, some are internal parts and some are internal parts. But various parts of the body never need to do something for their beauty.  Suppose we do not have to need makeup of our belly or we can not make up of our heart or … Read more Black and Gold Nails

Hair Color and Cut

Hair Color and Cut

Hair Color and Cut, Human beings have different types of characteristics such as he is emotional, sensitive, selfish, happy, sad, clever.every person full of these characteristics and fully use these characteristics in his life.  Suppose we look at men or women and their hairs feeling much better than us instantly we attract and we want … Read more Hair Color and Cut

what is manicure and pedicure

different types of manicures

what is manicure and pedicure, our body is the way of our recognition but we attract beauty. Our most human being around us is beautiful faces and attractive people. Sometimes we do not want to see a person but his beauty forces us to see him too much. But some people also say that beauty … Read more what is manicure and pedicure

are Eyelash Extensions Safe

are Eyelash Extensions Safe

are eyelash extensions safe, eyelashes are a part of the eye which God created very perfectly but some time we need some extra look with our eyelash and want to look outstanding personality.there is like long and bend eyelash like in every culture and area. Mostly beauticians making and recommending that type of eyelash to … Read more are Eyelash Extensions Safe

How to Stop Shave Cut Bleeding

How to Stop Shave Cut Bleeding

How to stop shave cut bleeding, is a very common problem for men and women. Every person uses blades or razors carefully but sometimes we face this problem which makes it hard and sometimes we need to go to hospital. When we talk about salons they must have first aid to have cut bleeding. We … Read more How to Stop Shave Cut Bleeding

Natural Hair Salon

Natural Hair Salon

Natural Hair Salon, First of all what is hair?. Hair is very simple and fundamental  in structure and shape, but it has various functions in our social life. Hair consists of tough protein cells called keratin. A hair follicle anchors and each hair into the body skin.  The hairs bulbs form the base of the … Read more Natural Hair Salon

Is Hair a Body Part


Is hair a body part, is a very basic question from the beginner student of beauty.Hairs have similar characteristics of mammals on the body of human beings. The basic purpose of hair is beauty, cover, protection of body parts, and helpful evaporation of perspiration, hairs also performing as sense organs.  Hairs “Is Hair a Body … Read more Is Hair a Body Part

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