Muscle of Body

Muscle of body

Introduction Muscle of Body Muscle of Body are soft tissue  in most human beings. Muscle cells have myosin and  protein filaments of actin which slide back one another, producing a contraction which changes both the shape and length of the cell.  Muscles function to produce motion and force for body movement. They are primarily responsible … Read more Muscle of Body

Food Rich in Calcium

food rich in calcium`

Introduction: Food Rich in Calcium, Calcium is the important mineral in the body and very useful for body parts. It is available in some types of foods and available as a diet supplement. It available in some medicines.  Calcium is needed for vascular contraction and vasodilation, nerve transmission, intracellular signaling, muscle function, and hormonal secretion. … Read more Food Rich in Calcium

different types of manicures

different types of manicures

In this topic we discuss Different Types of Manicures, Manicure is directly relate to our hands, fingers, nails. So Manicure is cleaning, grooming, polishing etc of nails. Round Square type of manicure: In different types of manicures, This version nails is a little less intense than its more angular, but it still looks like together … Read more different types of manicures

Types of Manicures

types of manicure

Types of manicures In Types of Manicures, manicure is a beauty treatment of the hands through medicine and tools. We have to cut, fill, and shape the nail. Nail dressers also paint the nail with different and stylish colors. Manicure in another words, Fingers, hands and their nails are a much more careful part of … Read more Types of Manicures

A Vegetarian Diet

vegetable 2

In a vegetarian diet article, we have to understand what is vegetable. what is their functions, Then what is vegetarian people, types of vegetarian and different vegetable and their most famous part which we use for diet. What is Vegetable for a Vegetarian Diet : It  is used as food. There are different types of … Read more A Vegetarian Diet

What is Healthcare

what is healthcare

What is Healthcare: Healthcare or Health Care is improvement or maintenance or sustain health for a healthy life through treatments of diseases, diagnoses. Prevention by disease, its curing by disease, overcome illness, injury and different types of physical or mental illness. Other words, People or group of people  help each other for their health if … Read more What is Healthcare

Fruit and Vegetable

fruit & vegetable

Fruit and Vegetable: In this article as Fruit and Vegetable discuss about fruits and vegetables as food/diet. What is fruit and vegetables. How much important fruit and and how much is vegetables. Famous name of fruit and vegetables. What mean about Fruit and Vegetable: is so important or sufficient for our life and it is … Read more Fruit and Vegetable

Healthy Food

Healthy Food

healthy food: In this topic we try to explain what is healthy food ?, why it is important for a healthy life, what type of food/diet we eat?, how many components of food/diet?, what is balanced food, why we use it, why it useful?, how effective for happy life. Normally We well Knows That Health … Read more Healthy Food

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