The Human Body Definition

The human body definition, Basically we just assume that this universe is covered with a body and that body consists of different parts of that body like stars, planets, moon, sun or other systems. 

All these body parts perform their role efficiently. Similarly everything in the universe has a body which consists of various parts of the body. If the body was created by God then the God made perfect parts of the body which performed their duties efficiently. 

God also created the human body and made special parts of the body which perform their role efficiently and properly.

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Human Body and The Human Body Definition:

It is an example of a car which was created by man. He creates his tyre, engine, breaks, lights, seats,body frame. So the man interlink each part of the body with each other for their efficient performance.Man also satisfy on this we made the perfect thing in the universe. 

In all discussions, the most important thing is the body which contains every part and provides full opportunity to perform each part of the body. These parts of the body contain its own body and have some other part in between that body to perform their function efficiently. 

Everybody has some internal parts and some external body parts but these all parts interlink with each other and without these links the body could not work efficiently.

 The human body having hands, head, belly, legs are external parts but heart, stomach, liver, lungs, kidney are the internal parts of body. So we define the human body definition in such a way.

the human body definition
Human Body

The Human Body Definition:

It is the  physical structural parts and material substance of a human being containing billions of cells and some other type of components outside of the cells. Basically the human body has some physical structure, it means everything which exists and we can look and touch by our eyes is the physical existence of that product or item.

 Suppose the car’s physical structure which defines his body is his body frame but not the whole car because cars consist of various parts and parts of the body. So the physical structure of a human is the body. 

Now further this body contains some other type of items or how to make that body. When we assume the body of a car we can say the body frame of a car further consists of steel, iron, rods and paints for body fram beauty (makeup). Similarly the human body further consists of cells, tissues, bones etc.

What is in the human body:

Human body consists of different types of other particles or substances. These substances perform assigned functions. The human body created with the help of multiple systems that work with each other or coordination of each other. These body systems  are managed in groups of tissues that perform specific functions. Some main systems of the body are as following:

The human body definition

Digestive system in actual The Human Body Definition:

The basic purpose of digestive system is digesting the food into absorbing position for performing further operation. The basic organ of this system is stomach and some other things such as enzymes, stomach juices etc

Circulatory system:


The basic function is to circulate the blood into the whole body and convey blood to each part of the body and each cell,tissue of the body. The basic organ of this system is the circulatory system is hearth, veins pump out the blood from the vessel of hearth and pull in the blood from the entire body.

Nervous system:

The basic function of this system is to control the signals which transform to other parts of the body. Our body movement depends on these signals. Suppose when we fallin down, the nervous system gives a signal to the body and quickly we use the hand or balance back the body for avoiding touch with the surface of earth.

Respiratory system:

the human body definition

Our breathing system depends on this system’s perfection. Breathing system works better with the organ known as lungs. Lungs pull in oxygen from the air and push out the carbon dioxide from the body. This system also cleans the blood.

Muscular system:

Every part of the body consists of muscles. This muscular system helps parts and organs of the body to perform better. Suppose arm muscles help to arm movement, heart muscles help to heat pumping, legs muscles help to walk.

Skeletal system:

Our body frame is skeletal. Every organ and part perform their function under a strong skeletal system. Suppose the heart performs their function behind the wing of the chest.

Reproductive system:

  This system helps the people to produce new human beings.

Immune system:

This system makes the body strong and gives strength to every part of the body to perform their function activity. 

Urinary System:

the human body definition2

This system controls the extra water and garbage. It expels these garbage from the body in the form of urine.


Body of human being consist of celss. Each body contain trillion of cells in adults. There are an estimated 30 to 37 trillion cell available in normal human bering. 

There are some other items which are part of the human body and other organ bodies. Which is as follows.

  • Tissues
  • Muscles
  • Metabolism
  • Connective Tissues
  • Genetics
  • Organs

What are the 12 organs of the body?

  • Heart
  • Liver
  • Lungs
  • Kidney
  • Intestin
  • Brain
  • Spleen
  • Bone Marrow
  • Stomach
  • Urinary Bladder
  • Larynx
  • Veins
  • An organ is a combination of tissues joined in a structural unit to perform an assign function. Many organs consist of a major type of  tissue that operates the organ’s for main function, as well as other tissues which play supporting roles for different operations.
  • The human body contains five major organs that are understood to be vital for survival. Those are the brain, heart, liver, kidneys, liver, and lungs. If any of these five major organs stops performing  operations. That is the cause of death or death of the organism is imminent without medical assistance.
  • Major functioning organs usually cooperate to form whole organ systems. Each system perform vital role of life.


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