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Types of Eyelash Extensions

Types of eyelash extensions, Most people know that their eyelashes still grow and shed over the years, but they don’t know what they’re actually there for. However, the eyelashes play an important role in protecting the eyes. they’re present to stay minor irritants out of the eyes, like dust, debris, sand, or dirt.

they’re also there to let people know once they get to shut their eyes; if something comes in touch with the lashes too forcefully, the natural reaction is to shut the eyelids directly.

Why We Use Eyelash Extensions:

Eyelash Extensions thanks to enhancing the design of your eyelashes. And lots of people find they’re ready to forgo mascara altogether after the service. So you get the design you’re after and you save time within the morning to boot. But not to say that it is a great option for events like weddings or vacations. Plus. The appliance and fibers used are often customized to make any quite lash you’re after, starting from more simple and natural.

What is the Material use for Eyelash Extensions:

You may even be wondering what materials wont to make false eyelashes. Usually lashes on the market come from these three different fibers:

Human Hair Eyelashes:

This type of eyelashes form from natural human hair. Human hair material best use for strip lashes only. It can give a more regular and natural look. a number of the famous styles are demi wispies or wispies lashes. These styles are perfect for daily use, like for office or casual structure .

Synthetic Eyelashes:

Synthetic materials like PVC or PET may be a basic material of synthetic eyelashes. Neater and thicker may be a look of this sort of lashes. This material additionally prove to be suitable for extended time use. Individual and extension lashes some lashes make up of synthetic materials.

Faux Mink Eyelashes:

Faux Mink really make up of synthetic materials too. However they’re using premium synthetic. they will be made into multidimensional lashes, like 3D and 4D lashes. The styles are often more dramatic and are perfect for party or night events.

Choosing the simplest lashes for you’d be right down to your characters or what occasions you’ve got tons . make certain to see our catalog to urge the specified styles.

Types of Eyelash Extensions
Types of Eyelash Extensions, Best Eyebrow Tools

Types of Eyelash Extensions

Human Hair :

Eyelash extensions made from human hair are first cleansed and sanitized, then shaped to mimic eyelashes. These are almost the foremost realistic you’ll get.

With a light-weight , feathery style, human hair lash extensions have the foremost natural look and feel, lasting longer than other extensions thanks to their light, porous texture. This is suitable for clients who have naturally thin weak lashes on their faces. Human hair lash extensions are perfect for those that have skilled chemotherapy and are browsing the grow out phase.

Siberian Mink:

It Made of 100% Siberian mink material.  These cruelty free extensions softly combed off live minks. Fine, soft, lightweight and versatile , mink lash extensions are Ideal for those seeking a more natural look because mink lash extensions don’t come curled.

Please note: within the rare case you’re allergic to animal hair then mink wouldn’t be an honest option.

Faux Mink:

Faux mink eyelash extensions are the foremost popular lash extensions used at the sweetness Collective. Very similar to their real fur counterparts.

These synthetic lash extensions also are light, soft and very natural looking. Albeit they need slightly more volume than real mink lash extensions the difference isn’t noticeable. These lash extensions are 100% hypoallergenic. Also ideal for those seeking a bolder look. Faux mink lash extensions never lose their curl.

Why Eyelashes are Important:

Eyelashes are human hairs on the upper and lower eyelids. Each eyelid has layers of eyelashes within a row, we will have three to 5 layers of eyelashes within the eyelid, which protect and frame the eyes. they need the similar anatomy of the physical body hair. they’re anchored to the eyelid by a root. There are small muscles located within the eyelids which, with a contraction, a reflexive and automatic response. They blink and shut the eyes before an external threat, like particles of dust, or any spy which could cause damage to the eyes.

Types of Eyelash Extensions
Types of Eyelash Extensions

In every eye blink the eyelashes close link to the eyes like curtains. And, in every blink, the eyes irrigate with a lubricant secretion from sebaceous glands -tear glands- running along the sting of the eyelid, with their openings between the eyelashes. This lubrication assures that the eyes do not dry out and keep them wet and healthy.

Eyelashes on the upper side eyelid are longer but Lower side eyelids are not longer. The upper eyelashes can reach a length of a mean of 8 mm., and have a tendency to curve upwards. The upper eyelid has more eyelashes: around seventy to at least one hundred fifty lashes. Therefore the lower eyelid has generally a row of sixty to eighty eyelashes, smaller and that they curve downwards. This curve of both rows of eyelashes helps to slide sweat and foreign particles out of the eyes.

Important Note:

  • If you`ve tried individual lashes within the past, and had any bad experience, and for a few reasons, they took off your real lashes or damaged them in any way…
  • This simply means they weren’t professionally applied.
  • At Some Salon or spas, they take extra care to use lash extensions and that we know.
  • If individual eyelash extensions aren’t bonded to your natural lashes properly or The lash extensions do not apply properly. It is more likely the lashes will fall out quicker
  • If lashes are applied wrong or with an excessive amount of glue. This will cause irritation to your eyes and damage your natural eyelashes.

In various Salons, they do believe that individual lash extensions are probably one among the best beauty trends ever. 

And to prove you that, we gather 10 reasons why you ought to have lashes extensions.

  • Lash extensions  add volume to our natural eyelashes.
  • These extensions will increase our eyes and our look regarding beauty.
  • Lash extensions will lift your lashes and increase the face beauty
  • Lash extensions will add extra length our eyelashes which look so attractive
  • These extensions do not need to use of mascara
  • Lash extensions don’t damage your natural lashes
  • Lash extensions are water resistant
  • Eyelash xtensions feel lightweight and natural
  • Lash extensions add fullness and remove spaces in our natural lashes;
  • Lash extensions will offer we unique and delightful look



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