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what is manicure and pedicure

what is manicure and pedicure, our body is the way of our recognition but we attract beauty. Our most human being around us is beautiful faces and attractive people. Sometimes we do not want to see a person but his beauty forces us to see him too much.

But some people also say that beauty is in the sight of a person which defines a person beautiful or not. Suppose a person looks beautiful to any other person but it is not mandatory, everyone of that feels as much beautiful as the first one.

But it is another factor, we search for beauty in our locality, city, state or universe and we want to get every thing which we feel beautiful.

what is manicure and pedicure

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what is manicure and pedicure and What is included in a manicure:

According to what is manicure and pedicure, This is a part of the human body and directly relates to our hand and feet nails. It is a fact anyone recognised by his face beauty and our focus area for everyone is our face.

Every person decides whether we are beautiful or not according to our facial beauty. So the face is the number 1 part of the body which helps other people claiming who is beautiful and who is not.

What is a manicure and pedicure:

It is true that our face plays a frontline role in our beauty, but we could not ignore other factors in the body or relate to our body. These factors also give their best to maintain our first impression to someone else. In very simple words manicure relates to hands nails and pedicure relates to feet nails.

So we have to manage such activities which make them beautiful also. Suppose a person’s face is very beautiful and other people accept their claim. But during the meeting we found him to be a very unbalanced person. Such as not wearing proper and good dress, not taking bath, not shaving, his body spreading bad smell, his mail full of garbage etc.

So suddenly his beauty is pulled down in a few periods of time.In simple words, when we meet a person having a beautiful face, but when we see their hands or feet which are not washed or neat and clean.

Ultimately we make distance from that person.So we have to keep neat and clean our nails to enhance our beauty.


It is a beauty treatment for our hands. We have to cut our hand nail, filed and give reason shape.

Which body part most use in working:

The most use the part of our body during performing our routine work at home or in the office or factory. So it is amazingly dirty our hands as much as possible.

Suppose a woman washes dishes in the kitchen,  she can keep clean his face, belly, legs or even arms but can not keep clean both hands.

Similarly a factory worker performing their duty with hands and the most dirty part of the body will be hand. So both hands need proper care and cleanliness. 

Is washing hand  with soap is enough:

Now we clean our hands with soap or hand wash products but we could not satisfy this type of cleanness because nails are also part of the hand which also contain different types of dirt, oil, chemicals. For this problem we need to take some extra care about our nails and this care is manicure.

Manicure and Beauty: 

Another perspective of manicure is taking place in a salon or at home. These perspect mostly used by women. Mostly women, after getting treatment for manicures they need some extra product on the nails of hands. Such as nail polish, artificial nails etc.

The best polish is a professional skill which takes years, and much more quantity of painted nails which make perfect. The manicure process should not differ between getting it done at a salon or at home by a mobile beauty service or self mentality level and personal talent.

Why have a manicure or why necessary manicure:

In men and women, manicures are beneficial for maintaining and cleaning healthy nails, cuticles and skin.

Other than working, duties, working style, working type,using equipment,using chemicals, we people notice other’s hands and their hands presentation and cleanliness and also make perception about that person. 

Where are experts of manicure and pedicure:

These experts available in different salons, there are some combined salons which give services as hairdressing, spa, nail treatment but some salons serving only for nails treatments.

With the help of a skilled, professional, talented therapist we groom our hands and nails and also achieve neat & clean, beautiful shapes of nails in the salon. The pampering method of a manicure allows you to reduce stress and provide freshness.

If you are adopting painted nails in your manicure, this can be an express personality and you can also experiment with different colours and shapes.

what is manicure and pedicure

Pedicure according to what is manicure and pedicure:

There are some external parts of the body most important for human beings. Including our feet which have a responsibility like a cargo.

Our feet help us move from one place to another and during this movement they lift the whole body weight too. So the feet are performing dual operations while walking, one is walk and second is lifting whole body weight. So we have to need more care for our feet.

Pedicure is the single most popular feet beauty treatment at salons, spas and pedicure treatment centers. Pedicures feel nice, are good for our skin, and leave you looking our best. Although there are many various types of pedicures with different steps, these are the necessary, they all have in common.

Note: The order of the steps can change according to where you get pedicure and what type of  treatment you are gaining.

What happens during pedicure:

Similar to manicure, a men’s pedicure describes taking care of our nails, hydrating and cuticles, but not including the hands. Pedicure is only the treatment of feet as like a manicure for hands, we can get easily and cheaply all  these treatments at home.

But for our feet, we suggest you to get a professional pedicure therapist.

Normally, a pedicure professionals provide different types of service under one roof like a pedicure, massage and swirling warm water jets.

A pedicure is also a cosmetic treatment for feet and toenails. It is an amazing perspective, men doing more work than women and their feet need more care than women but pedicure treatment is more popular in women than men.

Pedicures are not only for toe nails but also treatment for dead skin cells which rubbed off the under of the feet using a rough stone.


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