Why is my Lips so Dry

Why is my Lips so Dry

Why is my Lips so Dry, Everyone wants to look most beautiful, we use different types of products to look beautiful. But there some factors were very important and could not change with the product. We could not change his shape, structure, size etc because that is made by God and those are fixed parts. Face is the fundamental part of beauty. We define beauty with anyone’s face or can say face is beauty. But the face is not only a single part.

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 It has some further parts which make a face such as forehead, eyebrow, eyes, nose, cheeks, lips, chin. So everyone plays his specific role to make a beautiful face and each part should be beautiful for a beautiful face. Anyone can reduce the beauty of their face. 

Such as each face part is beautiful but if only the nose is long in size, it means the nose can reduce the natural beauty of the face. But another factor of face beauty is makeup or products which we apply on our face for our beauty. That also plays a very important role in face beauty. Here is an example of makeup. 

We purchase a care which is very beautiful in shape and other features but we purchase a very dull color car. So this color will affect every external part of beauty and reduce or waste the every beauty factor. 

Similarly we must care for makeup or using products, whether they look effective or not.

what is lips and Why is my Lips so Dry:

Lips are also very important on the face as like other parts of the face. Beautiful lips make the face more attractive and beautiful. Basically our lips are the door of the mouth and also way to stomach and lungs. It can also tell the way to enter inside the body such as stomac, lungs. Whenever we want to eat anything, we have to eat through our mouth and when we want to breathe we take help by mouth.

All we know there is not any other way for this. So Lips are the door of the body. If we separate the lips with each other, there will be an open way of the stomach and lungs. Every human, animal have similar lips and the same place, it means at the start of mouth.

Why is my Lips so Dry
Why is my Lips so Dry

What is the purpose of lips:

Lips are an external body part at the start of mouth in all animals, including humans, animals and different insects etc Lips are so soft, movable and help like door open and shut for food intake, breathing, speaking. Human lips are a tactile sensory part and can be an erogenous zone when we use kissing.

Most effective use of lips during speaking. During speaking, our lips movement plays a role like face expression. We can also use our lips to give weight our words. The lips expression with voice makes our talk more attractive and weighted. 

Suppose if we study an essay to an audience without lips and voice expression. That will cause a boring situation but when we use lips movement with voice our word get more power or words will be soundful words itself.

why is my lips so dry


The dryness or damage on our lips may be a consequence of the weather e.g. UV radiation from the sun and coldness in the winter season. Indulging in an exfoliating treatment on a regular basis in a week can heal cleanse our lips so they left looking healthier than ever.


Dry lips are a signal of  our hydration levels low or not timely. Dehydration causes the natural balance of minerals in our body and wreaks havoc on our skin. Stay hydrated by drinking lots of water  timely and eating fresh vegetables and fruit like cucumbers, zucchinis, tomatoes, watermelon and beans.

Lip licking and Why is my Lips so Dry:

Huge or long period of time Licking lips can make our lips dry even dryer. When our saliva evaporates from our lip, it may cause our lips to evaporate natural moisture. Remember, that saliva is a key particle of our digestive system. It is a part of enzymes for breaking foods. An overabundance of saliva may also cause the skin on our lips to crack.


Any kind of infection in the body may cause dry lips. Some medicine has too heavy a potency and we need more water or milk. But lack of water or milk dehydration occurs and the effect visible on the lips with the whole body.

Secondly, medicine has some components which dry or shrink the body mass. So in this situation the lips also become dry.

Why is my Lips so Dry
Why is my Lips so Dry


There are too many types of allergy. The lips dryness may cause any type of allergy. 


There are different types of ingredients in our toothpaste or lipstick which could be giving  chapped lips or make them dry. Some foods or food ingredients such as food color may cause chapped and dry  lips as well.

Vitamin Deficiency:

We get different vitamins by different food items and these vitamins also further use in different body operations. Sometimes the body becomes lack of vitamins or lack of a kind of vitamins. So after diagnosing we use some other food or medicine. But it may also cause dry lips due to not getting enough quantity of the moisturising vitamins B2 , B1 and B6. 

Sun Damage:

Sometimes we work in the sunshine and do not care for body and sensitive body parts. So for a long period of time and direct interaction sunlight and lips may cause dryness on the lips.


We use different types of medicines for different problems in our routine life. Suppose we can take medicine for headaches or some patients use medicine on a regular basis such as diabetes, heart, liver etc. So this use of medicine sometimes affects the lips which dry our lips for some period of time or regularly.

Cosmetic is also casue of Why is my Lips so Dry:

Long periods of time and low quality of lipstick or other types of cosmetics may cause dry lips or cracks on the lips.


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